My mission with this blog is to provide indoor rowing workouts for those who are looking to erg for fitness or for those who are interested in rowing as a sport in general. Practically no sites offer workout plans for the average person. Most of this information has been hidden and reserved for those who already know how to row. I will provide real workout plans used by high school and collegiate crews across the country. Each weekly workout plan will be geared towards a higher goal whether it be long distance or sprint training. There will also be strength training posts that will supplement erg workouts. When utilized correctly, lifting can prove to be that extra edge that makes you go that one additional meter during a piece.

Rowing has become trendy, gyms all across the country now have at least one indoor rower for members. That said, few people know how to erg correctly, and few tutorials that describe technique exist. Which is why I will also be making posts that will focus purely on technique. Rowing is an art unlike any other, a rower’s form is one of the most critical aspects of the sport– even on the erg. Having an excellent technical base will prevent injury, help you go faster, and enable you to maximize the efficiency of every stroke.

I have been rowing competitively for nearly five years now. I have successfully medaled at the Head of the Ohio, Midwest Scholastic Regionals, and numerous other races. I accompanied and was named the first alternate to a boat that won second place in the nation at Scholastic Nationals this past spring. I have rowed at the Head of the Charles which is widely considered to be the biggest race in all of the fall season in America. I also bring much versatility to the sport itself, I have rowed on port and starboard side of sweep boats (one oar), I have lots of sculling experience (two oars), and I have experience as a coxswain. In high school, I volunteered in the summer “Learn to Row Camps” for middle schoolers in which I instructed them on the basics of rowing. I have experience teaching my friends how to use indoor rowers. As of now, I currently row on a collegiate level for a program that is in the process of making the leap to Division III. Rowing has been my passion ever since I first shoved off that dock as a freshman in high school, and I want to help grow the sport anyway that I can. I hope you enjoy!